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privacy imagePrivacy Information is a project of Consumer Action, a national non-profit consumer advocacy and education organization. The legal right to privacy has been recognized in the U.S. since the late 1890s, but its roots go back to this country’s founding. The Privacy Information Project focuses on enhancing personal privacy awareness, spreading knowledge about consumer privacy rights, sharing ways to control who has access to your personal information and protecting yourself from online fraud, telemarketing abuses, social pretexting scams and more.



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CA News Logo Consumer Action INSIDER - October 2021 In this month's edition, we report on our upcoming 50th anniversary events, warn rental car customers about the often unexpected cost of tolls, highlight recent coalition efforts and CFPB activities, and alert readers to a class action suit against Wells Fargo for unrefunded GAP fees. (Friday, October 01, 2021)

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Five Recent Publications

Share Financial Data with Care (Policy Briefing) – Video

Share Financial Data with Care (Policy Briefing) – Video. Consumer groups and the financial industry are aligned and working together on data privacy standards to help make FinTech app use safer, give consumers more control over their data, and educate consumers on the safe use of apps.

Share Financial Data with Care (Webinar) – Video

Share Financial Data with Care (Webinar) – Video. The webinar covers how financial information is stored, used and sold; financial app practices and how consumers can gain control over their data; what consumers can do to protect their privacy when using FinTech apps and tools; how to become familiar with and use the tools and services offered by banks; and resources, tips and tools that consumers can use to ensure that their financial information is protected.

What you need to know about how FinTech apps work (Chinese)

What you need to know about how FinTech apps work (Chinese) 謹慎共享你的財務數據.


Financial technology can offer attractive benefits for consumers who want to take their personal finances digital. But, like all internet-based tools and services, FinTech apps need to be chosen and used with care. This publication explains the types of FinTech tools available, how they work, and what that means for your data privacy and security. (Our companion guide, Privacy and security when using fintech apps, offers actionable tips for managing and protecting your data.)

Privacy and security when using FinTech apps (Chinese)

Privacy and security when using FinTech apps (Chinese) 謹慎共享財務數據.


This fact sheet gives FinTech users the knowledge to make wise decisions when choosing and using FinTech apps, take effective steps to keep their financial account data safe, and understand their options if something goes wrong. (Our companion guide, What you need to know about how FinTech apps work, offers an overview of financial technology and what privacy and security considerations users should be aware of before choosing and using digital financial tools.)

Avoid pandemic-related ID theft and account fraud (Korean)

Avoid pandemic-related ID theft and account fraud (Korean) COVID-19에 대한 대응.

신원 도둑들과 사기꾼들은 팬데믹을 이용하여 소비자의 개인 식별 정보를 확보하고 이를 사용하여 피해자들의 계정에 접속하고 피해자 이름으로 새 계정을 개설하여 그들이 받아야할 혜택들을 갈취한다. 이 본행지는 소비자가 알아야 할 가장 눈에 띄는 팬데믹 관련 계획을 식별하고, 개인 및 계정 데이터를 보호하기위한 팁을 제공하며, 사기 및 ID 도용을 감지하는 방법을 설명하고, 피해자가 되지 않기위한 방법을 제시한다.

Identity thieves and fraudsters have taken advantage of the pandemic to get a hold of consumers’ personally identifying information and use it to steal their benefits, access their accounts and open new accounts in the victims’ names. This publication identifies some of the most prominent pandemic-related schemes consumers should be aware of, offers tips for safeguarding your personal and account data, explains how to detect fraud and ID theft, and outlines the steps to take if you discover you’re a victim.

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Recommended Publications

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Data Privacy Laws: What You Need to Know. There is no one comprehensive federal law that governs data privacy in the United States. Instead, there is a complex patchwork of sector-specific and medium-specific laws, including laws and regulations that address telecommunications, health information, credit information, financial institutions, and marketing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tech Support Scams and Tricks. Con artists behind tech support scams impersonate reputable technology companies to interact with would-be victims over telephone, via websites or by means of rogue software. The logic of such schemes is to persuade the user that their computer is infected with viruses, generating suspicious network activity or having system activation issues. The goal is to trick victims into paying for troubleshooting services they don’t need.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Chronology of Data Breaches. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has been tracking breaches since 2005 and publishes a Chronology of Data Breaches.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Patient’s Guide to HIPAA. This guide explains how you can use the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect your medical privacy.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Preparing Millennials to Lead in Cyberspace. Young adults, also known as millennials (ages 18 to 26), hold the key to close the cyber talent gap. Having grown up in a digital environment, millennials are well positioned for these cybersecurity careers, since they are at the stage when they need to choose a profession and will be in the workforce for several decades. This survey reviews U.S. millennials’ career interests, level of career preparedness and their online attitudes and behaviors.

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