5 ways Facebook shared your data

Source: Jennifer Valentino DeVries, N.Y.Times (Paid Registration)

In 2011,Yahoo said people who opted in to its new features would see their Facebook friends and the articles those friends had read, in a “facebar” at the top of the Yahoo News site.

As with many social features from that time, the integration did not work as well as the companies had hoped, and it soon ended. Yet Yahoo maintained special data access for more than 80,000 accounts, according to internal Facebook documents reviewed by The Times.

Netflix and Spotify received access to people’s Facebook messages as part of features that allowed people to suggest movies, TV shows and music to friends. Netflix was given the ability not only to send private messages but also to read, write and delete them, and to see all participants on a thread. Netflix said the company was not aware it had been granted such broad powers.


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