• Is there a smarter path to artificial intelligence?. For the past five years, the hottest thing in artificial intelligence has been a branch known as deep learning. The grandly named statistical technique, put simply, gives computers a way to learn by processing vast…
  • Why hackers aren't afraid of us. While the United States remains the greatest cyberpower on earth, it is increasingly losing daily cyberconflicts. The range of American targets is so wide and deep that it is almost impossible to understand all of…
  • Credit freezes will soon be free for everyone. Starting this fall, the big three credit reporting agencies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — will be required to let you freeze your credit file for free. A freeze can help prevent identity thieves from…
  • Beware the Nigerian email scam. By this point, savvy people know it’s a bad idea to trust an email from a Nigerian prince hoping to use their bank account to unload a dead relative’s vast wealth.
  • Apple ending apps’ ability to secretly sell your contacts list. Apple's recently updated policy for developers on its App Store now prohibits apps from selling information collected from your address book to other people. The changes, which were first reported by Bloomberg News, prohibit apps from using Apple's…
  • Are any encrypted messaging apps fail-safe?. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's team is reportedly reviewing the encrypted messaging apps of witnesses in the Russia investigation. The team is looking at what experts say are some of the best apps at…
  • Alexa and other smart speakers may endanger privacy rights. Legal experts say internet-connected smart speakers are the latest example of how technology and devices endear themselves to consumers before they realize the downsides. The devices are supposed to begin recording the conversation only in…
  • Why did the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fire us?. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is being gutted from the inside out. Created in 2010 after the Great Recession, during which the typical American household lost one-third of its wealth, the bureau was established to…
  • Protecting privacy is a civil rights issue. Sweeping privacy violations have the strange effect of revealing that the tracking of consumers by marketers affects everyone while hiding how that tracking hurts some people far more than others. People who value their privacy…

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